A team of experienced and highly trained professionals that care about the quality of their work and the customers they work for.

Capitol Roofing is the home to the hardest working team of service professionals.


With over 100 years in business, our team and our teamwork with our customers are the reason we are still at the top.


Every day, as a team, we aim to deliver excellence that keeps our customers coming back.  Every member of our team brings unique and valuable expertise to the project, as well as a passion for their craft and a dedication to their clients.


We are continually developing our skills and knowledge to ensure that we provide you with the highest quality at the best price.


​From our family to yours, we promise to always serve you in a trustworthy way.


We look forward to helping you with all your home improvements and business needs. Whatever your job is, we can do it, and do it right.

Capitol Roofing Owner Denis Deribin

Dennis Deribin


Captiol Roofing

Capitol Roofing Owner Eric Deribin

Eric Deribin


Captiol Roofing

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The Capitol Roofing Team

Sage Sorathia - Office Manager

Laurel Deribin - Office Assistant 

Jacek Baczewski - Project Manager

Nick Colella - Project Manager

Gary Casella - Maintenance Division 

James Casella - Maintenance Crew