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As your roofing system ages, investing in a Preventative Service will protect it, so you can avoid repair costs in the future. Our service team performs regular inspections, cleaning, and maintenance.


Our service is a routine, professional upkeep plan designed to reduce early roof damage and extend its life cycle.


Our Specialities

Capitol Roofing offers our Preventative Roof Maintenance Service which includes:

  • Inspection

  • Removing debris

  • Cleaning gutters and drains

  • Repairing roof surface defects, seams, water-entry points, and damage

  • Resealing flashing, boots, vents, and transitions

  • Removing and resealing loose fasteners

For homeowners, roof maintenance is recommended once per year and after significant weather events.

For business owners, many roofing manufacturers recommend or require, a building owner to have a preventative maintenance program for their warranted roof. Some even offer extensions on their warranty if you have a program in place. Maintenance services are recommended by top roofing organizations because they extend the lifespan of your roof. We recommend roof maintenance once or twice per year and after significant weather events.

Our Preventative Maintenance Team follows an inspection checklist associated with your roofing system. After completing the checklist, we will give you customized recommendations to prolong the life of your roof. This will also any include repair or replacement services if needed.

Contracting with our Preventative Maintenance Service is an easy way for you to ensure your roof remains under warranty and in top condition.

To learn more about our services, contact us or complete our Contact Form for a free estimate.

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